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ha ha ha

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Hey his week my people and I decided to put all of our bikes to the test.

One of my boys got at zx9
the other has the Tl1000

Yall know by now i have the blue and gold 636
but in a parking lot the size of your local Grocery stor we all lined up.
On the third engin rev we take off.

the first 3 time they hit the Throttle to hard and picked there bikes up. or did something stupid.
So I beat them those time.
The 4th time the Tl1000 smoked my ass bad. lol HA HA HA HA.

guess I had it comming.


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Yeah the twin has a HUGE advantage off the line. My buddy has a TL-R and we raced from a roll at about 60 and I pulled about 2 bike lengths right away and thats where he stayed till we shut down at about 147.
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