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Well, not really... I've had alot of pic requests for the side exit exhaust I posted a while back. I didn't post any because that one was just a prototype using the stock header and hacked mid-pipe. This time around I've installed the Micron header and custom fabricated mid-pipe w/ hanger. Pics to follow.

The canvis

Micron header

Test fitting

Welding Mid-Pipe to Y-Pipe

Cutting and cleaning up the welds

More test fitting

More cutting and grinding

Installed without hanger

Modifying fairings

Finished product

Thanks for looking.

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Thanks for all the comments, rep and kind words everyone.

looks like u based it on a taylormade exhaust
Actually this is where I got the idea.
Then a few weeks later, after we had done the prototype, a guy showed up down at bike night with that exact taylormade system on his GSXR1K, good looking kit no doubt.
how does it sound
Maybe I'll get some fly-by's on camera next time I go out. Or at the very least, at the track day I'm registered for late October.
Yep, curious to know how it sounds, also. Looks great, though - what are you doing with the tail?
As of now, the tail is just 'there'. I'm considering either a full race tail, or a tail section off another kawi, haven't decided yet. For now the plate is tucked up under there and looks clean from the rear, and pretty agressive from the sides.
A pipe like that coming out of the fairing is the ONLY way I would ever consider giving up my under tail...BADASS man.
I'm like you, I was pretty partial to the undertail. If I couldn't pull this off, it was going to stay undertail.
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