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Have no fear my friend, you are not the only one. Besides, you don't want both lights on all the time, I mean, it takes away from your ignition spark! We all know a weaker spark means less power, and we ALL want more power right?:D

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It's no biggie. I get shit all the time from people talking about "hey man, one of your headlights are out". The motorcycle designers decided in their infinite wisdom, that it looked "trick". So, there you have it, you now have a trick bike! Enjoy!

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Don't worry, now your bike is like the CBR and GSXR. They both do the same. I see a lot of people around town on their Gixxers and CBRs that just ride with the high beam on to alleviate the look of one headlight out.

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The manufactures are actually kinda smart for doing this. It allows them to design a headlight that will work the best in low beam and high beam. If they had one headlight do both then there has to be a trade off in optical performane.

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All of my friends have been giving me shit about my headlights on the 2003 zxr...The way mine is set up is that only one light is on while lowbeams are active and both for high beams...is mine the only one like this????

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There aren't many hypersport bikes around that DON'T have the "wink" headlight system now... you'd be complaining if yours had both lights on and everybody on RR Hondas, Gixxers, and R6/R1's were making fun of your two-light system... ;)

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Uh I'll tell you what. I'll trade you my '00 ZX-6R for your '03. That way your friends can't make fun of you for only having 1 headlight on

But if it bothers you that much you could always go for a HID system. If you click on the Applications link on the following site and scroll down, they show a pic of an '03 6RR with what looks like dual HID lights. Not sure if it's a Photoshop job but it looks nice nonetheless

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I have a 2001 with blue head lights. what is the head light bulb # on the new 2003? Is the build interchangeable ????;)

I'd just be worried that a cop that didn't understand this concept would have one more reason to pull you over. Happened to my friend on his RC51. At least I think it was Chris. Might have been someone else.

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How about the next time somone tells you that, you tell them they can check your taillights too as you dust their ass :)
I may have a solution.

I used to have a ZRX1200S, which was basically an ELR ZRX1200R (Eddie Lawson Replica) except it had a bigger front fairing with dual headlights. The ELR has a small front fairing with single light. (The 'S' was never sold in the states - just Australia and Europe) The wiring loom for the twin headlights plugged straight into the standard wiring.

Maybe, just maybe, a wiring loom from a ZRX1200S may plug straight into the wiring loom of the 636 which will enable the use of twin H4 Bulbs providing low and high beam in each light.

Someone may want to try it?
The 04 uses H7 bulbs. I just used my dremmel and cut out the cover over the left-side housing, and then adjusted the elevations.
The 03 also uses an H7 bulb. Just picked up a set of the Mtech bulbs off Ebay. $19.50 shipped
I see all the European 6r an 6rr
Around here have a front park light feature.
you know just in the top left an top right corner of the
headlight is a small bulb
that glows when in park...

I wish i had that on mine ...
I am putting it in the shop to see what cool euro mods
I can have done before I leave

Got to get that pass switch [:p][:p]
Originally posted by Mungla
The 04 uses H7 bulbs. I just used my dremmel and cut out the cover over the left-side housing, and then adjusted the elevations.
I am probably slow but can you explain what you did? What about wiring?
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