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Just thought I would introduce myself as I feel that I am going to like this place and should be here for some time to come.

I am a forty-one year motorcycle rider that started in 1972 on a TC90J. Moved to a GT380J once I hit 16. A year and a half later, while working at a Kawasaki dealer as a "gopher", I bought one of the last H2Cs for a grand total of $1210. Yup, not $12,100. Yup, I'm old. They retailed as "leftover models" for $1695.I proceeded to ride street, roadrace, and dragrace this bike with nary a problem. (Except for the wiggles).

I have since owned several bikes. H2C, KZ650 four, KZ750 four, KZ1000, RZ350 and more.

Looking forward to some good times with some fellow motorcyclists.
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