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Hello everybody,
i'm Antonis from Athens / Greece
I got a raw titanium 2005 636
Got it from a friend for a very low price (€2000)
But with around 75.000km and some broken plastics due to falls in 0km/h
(Short guy, couldn't handle stopping!!)
So far i've been mostly repairing stuff.
-Got a new A123 accupack battery
-Tried to have my seat repaired,but unsuccessul...So i'm waiting for an oem at the moment.
-Short Brake fluid reservoir with black anodized cap(front).Rear i got some clear from a gixxer!!(Don't really like it but was for free...)
-Drilled my broken tail and had some amber leds integrated for turn signals.Not really visible,especially in daytime.At that time i didn't know that i was given the oem rear side indicators.If i knew, i wouldn't do it.But my tail was broken anyway,so didn't really matter.
-Made my own mirror block-off plates out of plexiglass.
-I got a box with spares along with the bike, there i found some gloss lower fairing which i had installed.
-In the same box i found a valtermoto licence plate mount, which i installed.
-I installed some PIAA Extreme white plus bulbs.
-Althought i am on stock exhaust, previous owner had a full yoshi which was sold,so the exhaust servo had been removed.I just did the 9$ servo delete with FI fix and it worked!
-Had some Shark bar-ends fit!(Just pain in the ass...won't do it again...)
-The bike also has an MRA windshield.
-And last...i run on Slicks...Diablo superbike.They seem to handle ok at the moment but i'm considering a normal pair.Just to see which is better.
That's most of it.
I'm considering a kind of race replica fairings, because it will cost the same as to repair/paint my current fairings and i need some rearsets since the right one was broken and repaired...It seems to work just fine, but the repair is visible and i don't like it!I'm also considering a taillight with integrated blinkers since i'm not drilling any plastics in good condition!!

That's it, i think.Free to ask anything!

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