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Good afternoon,

First, I consider myself a grease monkey - I work on cars or small engines as needed. From teardown and rebuild to general maintenance. I arm myself with all the service manuals and schematics I can find.

This CVK32 has me stumped.

I've got a 88 Kawi EL250, 18K miles, with the CVK32-x2 - damn thing runs too rich at or approaching WOT.
  • Carbs have been completely torn down and thoroughly cleaned, canned air blasted through passages, etc.
  • Idle mix screws set at 2.5 turns as a good baseline.
  • Floats and float needles replaced. Float height set at 17mm, then 19mm, more on this later.
  • Smooth action on the pistons, boots are sealed properly.
  • Both carbs are in sync.
  • Spark plugs replaced / gapped properly - they do become sooty after a while, too rich!
  • Coils tested - good resistance on primary/secondary windings, strong spark!
So, the bike runs rich and bogs down when the fuel is left on. I know the floats are shutting off the supply - vacuum seal tests, etc. I turn off the fuel and let some of the gas burn off, the bike runs great. Lots of power, good response, no bogging down. This makes me think too much fuel in the bowls, so I changed float height from 17 to 19mm, bike runs much better with the fuel ON, but still not where it needs to be. I can't go much past 19mm and besides, 17mm is spec.

What else would cause such a rich condition?

The jets appear to be original and untampered with. That being said, I do not know the factory jet sizes, they could have been replaced with OEM 'upgrades' by the previous owner.

Open to suggestions!


Damn, my ear wax smells like hops! lol

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factory supplied 95 main, N53X needle, 35 pilot jet

you need to confirm those are in there first
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