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Arguing because it is more expensive means its better is weak ground to stand on..

I could make a helmet out of krazy glue and macaroni, and charge $2000 for it, does that make it the best helmet out there?

There are lots of examples in life of 2 items which perform the same function, and the lower priced one works better.
Do you think you'd see factory superbike riders racing in a sub-par helmet, no matter how much money was thrown at them? I don't think there are too many riders out there that dumb. You see them wearing anything from HJC to KBC, Nolan to Shark, AGV to Arai..

Do the $400-500 Arai's protect any better then a $150 HJC? No one really knows because the no one really does testing above what Snell does. They all pass Snell's test, so who knows if the Arai might do better then the HJC if they did higher speed tests, or maybe the HJC would be better then the Arai...

Granted the Arai's will have better features like ventilation, less noise, removable liner, etc.. but none of that = better crash protection..

Thats my 0.02 anyway :)

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