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Hmmm... Interesting! Looks like a G3 all right but it looks to be a cross between a G3TR and a G3TRA. If your sure it was a 90cc engine I'd say it is a '69 or '70's TR with a '71 TRA tank and seat because the TRA was 100cc. Otherwise I'd say it was a TRA with the fender and chrome exhaust shield of the TR. Niether look to have the groovy paint scheme on your mom's bike though. Custom? Over seas version perhaps? Love the pic though! What a time to be alive! Playing in the desert that is mostly resricted now (on 2 strokes)! CB antenna! AND THE GUN RACK IN THE REAR WINDOW! LOVE IT! You made my day! Thanks!

You may already have found this sight but here is where I'm drawing my assumptions from on the bike ...
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