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Hey man,

Hmmmm,......let me re-read......ok.

My suspension is far from stock so I can't directly relate clicks and such.....but.
After a spirited ride today, enought can't be said for suspension.

The way I do it is.....feel for how the bike hits hard bumps(ie forks jaring upward action)....too hard...take some compression off....ride some more..repeat..then I feel the rear of the bike....bumps wack you out of the seat.....less compression is needed... ride and repeat...(all still a personal feel).
Rebound is easy to feel, if 2 out of 3 are nicely set.
Do you recall the ripple bumps on the left side of the top of turn 1? Or, the more noticable ones on the top left side of entering turn 4?
I found that hard braking on these areas with too little rebound made the front end chatter/pile up......(ie. the tire not getting back to the pavement quick enought for the next ripple)....1-2 clicks took er away...along with later braking marks and confidence is those turns, droping about 3 sec in lap times.

Rebound is (for me) easier to adjust with a long series of bumps......compression is closely related and will reflect rebound if you change its setting too....as to how much?....personal feel, once again......
I can directly relate to you.......lovely Maritime roads[B)]......track settings for our roads are toooo hard.
Oh....spring settings are weight based so don't have to be changed unless you pack on or lose some pounds.(unless somebody has reasons that they can be changed for desired results).

Hope that might help you out some....hard to describe in print.

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