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First post on here. I've been using this site frequently over the past year and really benefitted from the wealth of information on here. Keep it comin' Kawi Forums!

Bikes - 2008 Ninja 250r, 2013 Honda CBR 500r
Location - Redmond, WA

I've been riding over a year on my 2008 Ninja 250r, it's a fantastic bike! Unfortunately, got in an accident a month ago. But thankfully the bike only took cosmetic damage. Instead of getting all the plastics replaced, I'm going the (much cheaper) streetfighter route.

After the salvage, there are some things left worth selling off. I wanted to post them here first before ebay:

-Headlight Assembly - both bulbs work, minor scratches on upper left and right corners of the headlight
-Speedometer Tachometer Odometer Assembly - only issue is the fuel gage is shot
-Black Windscreen - small scratch on the lower front edge

If any of you are looking for these used parts, let me know!

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