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Hey everyone, Cliche` here. Currently stationed in Minot @ Minot AFB, USAF. I ride a 2005 636 Plasma Blue. I just helped a friend pick up his 2006 fully modded 636 from Riding4life last night and it is truly a work of art. My friend had never rode a bike before until yesterday when I started teaching him and I am currently incredibly jealous his first bike is everything I want my bike to be haha. Anyways good to meet ya'll.

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Welcome to the site. Please stress throttle control to your friend and don't try to teach him too much, too soon. Good luck to both of you.

did you take the military sportbike training course?

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so you're buddy's the guy who bought Riding4Life's 636.
Was not actually expecting to find out who.

Anyways, take care of your buddy on the bike.
That's a lot of power and would hate to see anyone go down

And, make sure he gears up, all the time. You as well. :)

ride safe, wear your gear, have fun
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