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Hey guys. I'm located in Socal, commute between ucla and irvine, and I've been in need of a cheap form of transportation when I'm around ucla, and when I'm around Irvine. The 250R was recommended by my friend, and I'm pretty much sold on the 250R '08 or '09. The '07's n lower look ugly haha.

This is the first time I'm trying a bike. I've signed up for the MST at Mission Viejo in early December...

The prices on craigslist in socal for '08 250R's are overpriced, ranging from the 4.5k to 5k+ range. I guess I'll be waiting till mid-december to find more reasonable prices. Hopefully, I'll get a deal in the 3k range.

Anyhoo, will be coming on often to learn more and more!
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