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hey guess im on this site alot .lots of great info.
i bought a 2001 zx7r .6 months old to me . its the second 7r ive owned only this one i have done few mild mods to the enternals along with a clutch and suspension upgrades. and d&d slip-on

when i upgraded the clutch .i basicaly set it up for drag use on street /strip with very limited slip.

i went with a performance clutch kit .
slightly thicker plates
used 3 out of 6 10% over stock springs

and have been riding it with no problem until friday night when i raced another bike in a light to light on a 1ml straight.

at 125ish in 5th gear it felt like maybe the clutch was letting out .when i went to 6th the same thing . it pulled but not like i felt it should .i had to let out a bit for it to catch up to its self . could it be a glitch for these bikes or is this normal for all 7s.

it felt like the clutch was slipping or releasing at higher rpm .over reving maybe
saturday i pulled the cover and checked everything springs and plates and found nothing. put it all back and hit a vacant road only this time i took my brother with me so he could hear and ride it .while i listen to it as it went by. same thing all over again.
bike pulls realy good in lower gears no problem. even when getting in to it.only at high speed and rpm it does this .

once it gets in the high range rpm you can hear it release kinda .
i have yet to have this happen with any other bike ive owned .this is a real bite in the ass when it comes to performance of the bike.

im basicaly thinking i may have to try a different set up and kit but i wanna get any suggestion or opion before hand .

my 02 zx6r track only has yet to have this problem and its in its 2nd season of drag on the same clutch.
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