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Hindle Exhaust !!!!!!!

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first of all buy one cheaper from parts411.com. My Supersport stainless bolt on for my 99zx6r was only $273 delivered to VA. Its a nice pipe and sounds damn good. I only have about 300 miles so its not broken in yet and should get a bit louder. build quality seemed good. The tone is hard to describe because its hard to hear at speed. Sounds cool when I rev while stopped and between 5-7k rpm while cruising it has a deep nice sound and then once you crank it up it screams on the top end. Between the kawi intake howl and the pipe I am constantly rolling on and off the throttle just to hear the various noises and have a smile put on my face. I would highly reccomend it. post up if you have any more questions.

Just don't be a poser and get an akro slip on. I don't understand that at all. Flame away if you want. It doesn't make sense to pay 500 for a bolt on and gain maybe .75-1.5 hp over any other bolt on. If you were really worried about performance then you would buy a full system from Hindle for $75 more and maybe make a total of 4-6 hp over stock with their full system. Some people jsut want the name on the side of their bike and not the performance
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Boy Racer put a full hindle titanium system on his bike over the winter, it screams very nicely.

Im thinking Hindle full carbon for myself, or possibly the Akro.. I might want to make my bike into a race replica one day, so the akro would work :)

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I know exhaust quality and sound ques. are posted all the time, im really intrested in getting a hindle bolt-on.What do you all think of them im really looking for good deep loud sound,any have one do you like it or anyone heard one? there about $303.99,any other suggestions for this price do you know of a good quality can, give or take 80bucks. Mike
I decided on a hindle high mount stainless. I don't have the cash for the full system yet, and 2 more horsepower can wait. I don't have it yet, but when I do get it, I will post pics.

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I heard an '03 636 yesturday with a hindle slip on race pipe.
It didn't sound high and whiney at all. It was actually not too loud and it was nice and deep. I was very surprised, but I really liked the sound of it. Good Job hindle!

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i added a slip on muzzy to my 03zx6r it is ok on low revs its kinda deep but not enough i mean i dont want a d&d not to impressed with them i was thinking more with a hindle or two brothers ??? any suggestions....
I went with the hindle supersport (flange-on) after all 275.00 to the door.For the price Im very happy the sound isn't to high picthed and I think it's low enough.Gives a good bang for the buck!

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Has anyone heard the new FMF pipes they are very resonably priced around 250 ~ 275 and look pretty cool as well.

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