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Guelph line and down Highway 6 from Guelph to the 401.


'00 Honda F4, from a roll and from a standing start twice. I ride a '00 ZX6R.

Pulled him all three times. Pulled slowly when froma rollon 80 kmh to about 160 kmh.

From a standing start, even better margins of ownage. The second time, I wanted to see how hard I can pull him down low, so I gave a 1.5 bike length lead. That time it took to around 180-190 kmh, but he got enough of a view to notice the cool flames from my exhaust (it was darkish) when I powershifted...

My bud's R6 is a tougher go, but I beat him 7/10 times.

Both the F4 and the R6 were harder to beat than a RC10 Viper and a MKIV Supra I've run against in the hickville area I'm in.

'00 ZX6R silver
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