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Couldn't find much on this other than a video on STG.com where they did it on a GSXR so unless someone has already done this, pics and a fitment review will be getting posted over the weekend. If you have any particular question(s) about fitment or install that you want me to keep an eye out for let me know.

Holes are not drilled on any part of the kit but most of them are dimpled out so you have an idea of where you need to drill and if you just drill in the center of a dimple it works out well. For most of the kit I'm using a 3/16 drill bit and 7/32 but if you are questioning yourself just use the 3/16 then if it's too small use the 7/32.

Front Fender:
- The front fender fit absolutely perfect. It doesn't come with markings to drill out brake line holder spots so I just took off the stock fender, eyed it up side by side and it turned out very well. I didn't need to modify any of the holes I drilled so easy peasy.

Tail Section:
- Fit was perfect yet again, remember to drill holes out for the little plastic pieces under the seat if you plan to use those again like I did. As you can see in the photos it works fine with aftermarket exhaust and the stock seat albeit mine is modified so it has more foam.

Lower/Upper Fairings:
- The lower needed some adjusting for the two bolts on the rear and the Dzus fasteners purchased at STG.com with the kit can't be used because the lower/upper don't have enough surface space so we used some Dzus quarter turn springs with rivets which are pricey but look super clean.

- Upper was the biggest pain by far especially if you have frame sliders or aftermarket stator cover (I use Woodcraft for both) so we had to modify the left side of the bike pretty heavily. Definitely a two person job to make it easier.

- Unless you get the kit on special like I did (buy one, get one free) and split the costs with some one, spending $700 for this kit is way too much. It's not very flexible, packaging is good but multiple pieces in the kit are scratched up IN EVERY KIT, proper placement of the bolt holes is off in the areas where it needs to be spot on, and you get no impressions for the windscreen so it takes a little extra time to line it up. Granted this is race bodywork but you should still take care of it if a customer is paying that much money. The Armour Bodies blows the Hotbodies kit out of the water and even gives you visible windscreen holes. Save your money and buy a Armour Bodies.

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