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The Hotbodies Racing brand was established in 2001 with the goal of creating quality aftermarket motorcycle parts offered at a fraction of a regular price. Today the company manufactures a wide range of windscreens for sportbikes designed to improve airflow and enhance the style of your motorcycle! These screens are made of high-tech modified acrylic using advanced vacuum- and pressure-forming methods resulting in optically correct, durable, perfectly fitting windscreens.

A number of professional racers use Hotbodies Racing windscreens to gain an advantage on the race track, and many everyday riders consider them to be the best in the aftermarket. Windscreens created by this company are CNC-trimmed and feature flame-polished edges, which always ensure a perfect fit, trouble-free installation, and perfect look. During the closeout sales event, you can buy a perfect Hotbodies Racing windscreen and save up to 49%. Click the promo image below to browse the full catalog of available Hotbodies Racing windscreens.

Hotbodies Racing® 51301-1601 - Venom Dark Smoke Windscreen

Ninja 1000 2011-2013, 2017
ZX1000 Ninja 1000 2014-2016

Hotbodies Racing® 51101-1601 - Venom Dark Smoke Windscreen

Ninja ZX-10R 2011-2015

Hotbodies Racing® 51303-1602 - Dual Radius Clear Windscreen

Ninja 300 2013-2017

Hotbodies Racing® 50802-1601 - Dual Radius Dark Smoke Windscreen

Ninja 250R 2008-2012

No modifications are necessary
Uses stock hardware
DOT Certified
Made in the USA!

Click the image to enter the product page for more information.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here or call our specialists at 888.903.4344​
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