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I have a 93 kawasaki kx250, and my girlfriend has a 01 kx100. We ride in the sand half the time, and the dirt the other half, and I have grown extremely tired of taking all the time to change our tires back and forth all the time.

I'm shopping for spare rims for us, but am having a tough time knowing what is compatible. For example, I know kawasaki may use the same rim for a range of many years, but how do I find out what that range is? For example, I found a decent deal on a rim from a '96 kx100, will that be the identical rim that's on a '01 kx100 or not? What are the year ranges?

Also, are rims even manufacturer specific, or are they more universal like car rims where you just buy the right size, but it can come from any manufacturer? For example, can I likely buy a yz250 rim or cr250 rim and fit it on my kx250 just fine? What do I look for to know if it fits right?

Yes, I know I could just buy a brand new OEM rim, but when I priced them out its like $800 or more after shipping, thats practically more than my whole bike is worth, I'm shooting for more of the $100-$300 range.


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Well in theory so long as they take the same size tire the worst you will have to do is potentially source new bearings and spacers.

You're probably best off looking for a bike specific forum as they will have a set of local gurus who have rebuilt the bike with one hand blindfolded in a blizzard.

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Go on Talons web site and write down the part number for your hubs (stock replacement). Then if you see a set on ebay for say a 95 KX500, go on to Talon again and see if it's the same part #. Thats is what I did. I found an a lot of of the hubs were the same but the rim width changed from 125 (250f) to 250 (450f). The 250/450f running wider ovi. You might not even care about running a smaller paddle anyway.

Where are you? Do you ride Pismo?

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