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hello buddies, sorry for my english, i'm a ''homemade mechanix'' and i want to explain to everyone how to do this work.

remove the tank.
just pull the tube indicated by the blue arrows (red arrows that indicated another tube ,don't touch. (expired air pressure.)

put a cap on disconnected tubes. (electrical tape is good)

disconnect the big black rubber hose that goes into airbox and put a cap on the tube and airbox. (tape)

now connect a vacuum gauge instrument to the attack of depression (instead of pipes you disconnected).

star engine and warm up.

this is the situation AT IDLE:

MEAN!!! :eek:

at his point, find the sync screw , and bring the cylinders 3 and 4 at some level of cylinders 1 and 2 .

If after this a different cylinder, adjust the mixture screws, to obtain the same.

(mixture screw 1 / 4 turn clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on what you need. it's veeeery sensitive!!!)

when all cyclinders are at same vacuum level, stop!!

bring idle at 1200 rpm using the normal screw of idle.

take everything as before, finished!

I hope it is useful to someone!

soon! :)

i've post this in ''other bikes'' board, sorry, someone can delete it???:rolleyes:
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