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This is an installation of the PAIR valve eliminator kit from Smart Moto onto a 2009 ER6N with Arrow Black exhaust and no aftermarket power kits. There are a total of 4 parts to the kit: two sensor eliminators and two caps. Take your time and make sure you have the right tools.


These are the parts you will be installing.

Make sure to put your bike up on a stand as it will make working much easier.

Remove the seat and using a 10mm wrench remove the tank bolts. These are the only bolts for the tank.

The side frame covers are held on with two rubber mounts and one plastic rivet. There is no need to remove the rivet, just pry the covers away and let them hang to the side while you work.

Use a piece of 2x4 to prop up the tank and follow the standard tank procedures. Unplug the two fuel sensors located just behind the mounting bolts under the tanks. Open the tank to relieve any pressure. Unlock the fuel line and remove it (make sure to use a towel around it to catch any spillage. Next on the clutch side you will find 3 hoses to remove.

These hoses can be very hard to remove given the location. Take it slow. Use a long nose hose plier (see below) to wiggle the hose free.

Remove the tank and set it on blocks. You now have access to the air box and PAIR valve.

Unscrew the 4 screws indicated. Release the two gator clamps holding the cabling at the front end. The tube running down the middle is the PAIR valve snorkel. Remove this tube.

You can safely pull up on the PAIR valve to remove it from the other snorkel hose below it.

Here is your removed PAIR valve.

Remove the sensor cable from the PAIR valve and attach the eliminator.

The other end of the hose can be seen from the throttle side of the bike. Use a long plier to pinch the spring clamp and remove the hose.

There is only one spring clamp in the PAIR system. Once your remove the hose the clamp is to large to be used with the new caps in the kit so you will need to get new clamps.

Here is the cap installed on the top with a new clamp. Note there was no clamp on this end originally, this is just precautionary.

Here is the cap and new clamp installed on the low end.

Time to reassemble. Insert your 2x4 to have room to work.

The last part of the project is to install the O2 sensor eliminator. On the '09 ER6 this is located next to the shifter. Use an 8MM wrench and an M8 hex to remove the covers. Simply clean it up and plug in the new unit. Note - this assumes that you have already remove the 02 sensor.

The installation only requires a few tools as seen below. The long pliers and hose pliers are not requires but VERY HELPFUL.

As you can tell my vent hoses on the tank were hard to remove. They were frozen in place and required a lot of gental force to remove.

The clamps were a pain. I live in a small town where finding a vacuum hose spring clamp is not easy. The Smart Moto instructions say to re-use the existing but you can not as it is sized for the larger tube you are removing.

Here's what you really want to hear... THIS WORKS!

I Ran the bike in 2, 3, 4th gear between 3-4k RPM. This was typical backfire zone. Before the installation I backfired a lot in this range. After, I only had a couple of pops around 4th at 4k. Other than that I could not get it to pop at all. Everything else seems good. I'll be monitoring the performance over my next few ride to see how things go from here.

I hope this helps any one going down this path.
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