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just got a 2000 XR 100R.. aka.. the hundo.

just wondering if anyone knew off the bat if theres street tires for it? i found dual-sport shits.. i think that may be as close as i'm gonna get tho.

wheelies on knobbies suck. had stret tires on the fiddy.. they made a 2000% difference in circles and everything else.. i can't rock slow shit on this hundo except for like kickstand circles, an i'm guessin the knobbies are just flexin and throwin me off. i've tried everything.. jumpin to seat standers, sitdowns, everything, and it just won't stay stable.

so, any good word would be appreciated!! i'll get some pics n shit up soon. me and some cats were throwin down last weekend.. waitin for the vid to get posted..
stoppies are badass for some reason on the knobbies tho... i think i can get 100+ feet with some practice on em. i was getin 50' and 60' on the fiddy, so i got high hopes for this thing..
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