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Dont worry about voiding your warranty, it's not going to happen. Also alot of what they say they are going to do at the first service is bullshit. They're not going to clean your "brand new" air filter
This IS what they are going to do:
Take your bottom fairing off. Maybe even lay it on the ground to give it a few new scratches (free of charge though),
then going to change your oil and oil filter, then put your scratched fairing back on, then push your chain up using their finger, if its too loose they "might" tighten it, but at 500 miles on your bike it shouldn't need adjustment yet. But they will spay a bit of chain wax or a cheaper lub on your chain. And thats IT. Your DONE!
Dont tell me you cant change the oil yourself and save 290 bucks!
All the other stuff on your list is crap. Its normall stuff.
Steering-check can you stear the bike?
Brake level-check Can you look right in front of you at the resivour
Radiator hoses check is there a big green puddle on the ground
Brake light-check When you press brake does tail light get bright

These checks are standard pre-ride checks not to be done by the Stealership. Also you dont get your first valve adjustment until 15,000 miles.
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