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Thanks Everyone..
I just read carefully my warraty and Owner's obligations and it said
"Owner must deliver the motocycle to an authorized kawa motorcycle dealer or equally qualified service facility for inspection, maintenance services and adjustments according to the periodic maintenance chart contained in the owners manual" :D
tomorrow I will call some dealers and i will ask prices ;)
Thanks so much by your comments and suggests and if you know any dealer close to PLEASANT HILL where I can go ..please let me know. ;)
Thanks again :D:D:D:D

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What's Up Everyone!!
I have a question [?]
I bought my bike a month ago and added an engine's warranty by 5 years. :)
My bike (Kawa ZX-6R 2003) [8D] is over 500 miles and it needs its first maintenance.
I thought it was only a change oil and that's it
But when i called to my Kawasaki Service Department
They tell me that the first maintenance over 500 miles is:
- Oil Change
- Clear Air Filter
- Synch Charbs / injectors
- Lubing
- Adjust Fasteners / Steerings
- Functional Checks
- Lube & Adjust Chain
- Coolant, ET....
All this maintenance is 290.00+taxes [xx(][xx(]
They tell me also that if I don't take this first maintenance I lost my engine's warranty. What the hell...!! :(
I check my manual up and saw periodic maintenance chart
- Idle Speed-Check
- Throttle Control System
- Evaporative Emission Control System
- Brake light switch-check
- Brake fluid level-check
- Clutch-adjust
- Steering-check
- Nut, bolt and fastener tightness - check
- Engine oil change
- Oil filter - replace
- Radiator hoses, connections - check
- Drive chain - lubricate
- Drive chain slack-check

I think they will all this stuff done (Fist Maintenance) [?]

They let me know also:
The next maintenance is over 3750 miles.... other 290 bucks [V][V] and
Over 7500 miles my bike needs a Valve Adjustment plus maintenance = 500 bucks [V][V][V][V][V]

This is my first time that i buy a new bike.[8D]
Is it OK to pay 290 bucks [V][V] for my first maintenance [?]
Please let me know what you think
Thanks !!!

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Yes, I live in Pleasant Hill - SF Bay Are.. alvinwij [^]
Just the last saturday I got lost in lafayette and find a road to go
to the mountain.. it's road takes around 1 1/4 hours or + ..up & down ..many curves, many u-turn..that very crazy and funny this road... and you can see also a beautiful landscape..

let me know if you and everyone would like to go..any weekend..

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What's UP EveryOne!!!

Yesterday, I Called to FREMONT CYCLE CENTER..
I got my 1st maintenance's appointment a half price. 140.00 [^]

Thanks EveryOne!

the next change oil I will do by myself. :D
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