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Now you have NoFear here... [:p]
I'm from Finland, middle of nothing...
First I'm sorry about my bad english, I hope you will understand what I'm going to say (when I say something)...:D
Have you here any protocols which I have to know or anything like that...[?]
But thanks about this kind of site have been made... thanks for those people whose it belongs to...:D

I have zx6r yearmodel is 2002 and I have done something small and I'm going to do few thinks more... You can see something on my website www.ZX-6R.cjb.net pages are not ready and only in finish (sorry), but there is lot of pictures and more and more is coming...

If you have a piece of good advice what I shoud do to my bike or homepages or anything I will be happy to hear about those ideas...;)

My bike looks like this now...

...but because of my backyard looks like this...

... I think I have some time. [8D]
I'm waiting sommer...

[ Face your Fear live your Dreams ]
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