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I'm stutterin', need to clean the carbs - advice?

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I've only got a couple K on my 2000 ZX6R, but after a short storage period i've got a stutter in mid-range. The usual gas additives didn't help, so I'm thinking i need to clean the carbs. F*ck the dealer, what are the steps for getting to the carbs and cleaning the sildes or whatever else is needed to get my ride back to spec?



Red 2000 ZX6R
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OK - I just did this, so this is what ya do.

1. take the rear seat and front seat off

2. take the tank off, making sure the switch is set to off

3. take the top of the air box off, and the filter out and take the bolts out that hold the bottom of the air box down. Also disconnect all hoses

4. take the velocity stacks off (the 4 black tube lookin things on top)

5. then you will see the carbs down below. The clear plastic thigns are the sliders.

6. to get the carbs off, you have to disconnect the fule line from the pump, the air line on the right hand side, and also the choke and throttle cables. There is also an electrical connector on the right hand side. Then down under the carbs, are some clamps almost like hose clamps with funky ends on them. These things are very tough to get off, and I just had to feel for mine. Loosen them, and the carbs should pull off of the hoses that hold them on, that almost look like radiator hoses.

7. when you take the carbs all the way off, then you will see basically 2 sides to them. one wtih a plastic cap, and one with a metal piece on the bottom. The oen wtih the caps is how the needles come out. When you take them off, BE CAREFUL with the rubber diaprams that you see inside. VERY EXPENSIVE to replace damaged ones, like a hundered bones a piece. Take those off, and also take the metal piece off that is over the float's on the other side and you will see the plastic floats in there. take those off before cleaning.

8. to clean, if they are not TOO bad I used just some regular old carb cleanear and made sure ALL passages were free and all metal was clean and the sliders would slide freely. If they are pretty bad, I would go to your local parts store and get a can of car cleaner and dip them and let soak. Be careful with that stuff too, it will take your finger prints right off.

9. While you have the needles out, that is a good time to shim them wtih a washer.

10. Reassemble the carbs, and be SURE to keep parts for each seperate carb to themselves, do NOT mix and match the parts.

11. then just reverse these directions to put them back on and walla! your done.

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