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Indiana Road Test

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Hey all, I've got a '95 ZX6R (green and pearl-white, should anyone care). I've been riding street bikes all my life and recently moved to Indiana. Like a dumbass, when I moved here, I didn't transfer over my M/C license, and now have to take the stupid road test again. Unfortunately, I don't know anything about how the road test is administered (cones? street riding? circles? wheelies? :) Basically, I don't know what I'll have to demonstrate). I've also heard from some 'friends' that the Ninja isn't a good bike to take the exam on, and that I should find a smaller, more maneuverable bike (of course, they were absolutely no help in describing the road test to me.) If there's anyone who can offer any suggestions, I'd really appreciate it. I'd like to pass the test the first time (and limit my dealings with the motor vehicle dept.) FYI- I signed up for an ABATE class just in case, so I don't have to take the road test if I pass it. Problem is, the class is in May and my insurance kicks back in about 2 weeks, so I can't wait!

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If you type in DMV on yahoo find Indiana. Then look for motorcycle test. Or you can type Indiana motorcycle test. I did it for Louisiana and it told me what to prepare for.

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>"Drive it like you stole it"<

Not during a road test, anyway.

To be perfectly honest, the best bike to take a road test on is the one you feel most comfortable on. So if you've had your 6R for a while, and know it from stem to stern, take the test on it.

Slight hint though... If you do a cone weave, keep the bike in second gear, or you might have trouble staying smooth and hit a couple cones.


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Hey, thanks for the hints. I'll probably give it a go on the ninja (heck, it's only $5 and you can try it a couple times)... Sniper, I found a website that's not endorsed by the BMV, but actually shows the course with a description. For anyone else who's interested, it's at:

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That was pretty much what i have heard here in ohio. I took the MSC, so mine was a little different, but both myself and my buddies took ourson ninja's. And we all passed on the first try.If you know anyhting about riding, you will have no problems passing.

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I was looking at the course layout and I'm sure I won't have any problems at all. I was worried about doing stupid things like really slow circles in a single lane, etc.... the bike CLEARLY was not designed for that kind of abusive driving! As for the cone weave? A little reverse steering and some quick flicks back-n-forth should demonstrate the nimble agility of our little green machines! Thanks again everyone.

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