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Indiglow Gauges

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I just talked to a guy and convinced him to include making Indiglow gauges for 2000-2002 ZX-6R's. He told me that if 10 people "buy-in" to their Model Development Program for the gauges, they will begin producing them. I know they look really trick on cars, and it's about time they started making them for bikes! <img src=icon_smile_big.gif border=0 align=middle>

They currently have 2 types of Indiglow gauges for the ZX-6R that need "buy-ins" - Standard Indiglow and Reverse Indiglow. Since this is the ZX6R.COM board, I thought this would be the perfect way to let a large group of ZX6R owners know about it! BTW I am definitely going to "buy-in" for the Standard Indiglow Gauges!

Here is the link to their site: www.streetracerparts.com

When you "buy-in" could you please let them know through e-mail that you found out about their gauges from me (Francisco) so I know my efforts for ZX-6R owners everywhere weren't wasted. Thank you.

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Interesting. I might think about the reverse one. Anyone else see white guages for an '02 ZX6R?
Does anyone know if the make those gauges for a 99' zx-6r?
Check out the link on my post and e-mail them about it. That's how I got them to consider making the gauges for the 00-02 ZX-6R. Won't hurt to try!

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Just before Christmas is a bad time, but I'll pitch in after the first of the year.

'02 6R
I was looking at that website about a week ago and was thinking about going in on the development once there were a few other people in also. They said that they do not charge the credit card till they have 10 people. I count me in for a set of standard for an 2000 ZX-6R. Keep us up on how many people here. Thanks.
They haven't updated the page yet, so it is unknown on the amount of people that have bought-in. I made a buy-in bid as soon as they told me that the gauges were on the Model Development list! I'll keep y'all informed on the progress.:)

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the guys at http://www.graphicartmotodesign.com offer white gauges for the 00-02 6R, and green for some of the other Ninja's.
I've been harassing them to make green for the 6R as well.

These are not indiglo but they are really nice.

Here is green on a 9R...

and white on a 12R..

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Actually, they do not make one for the ZX6R just yet. I've been asking Robert every year when the ZX6R gauges would be made, and he keeps telling me "in the spring". I guess he doesn't think there is a large enough market for ZX6R gauges. He's always been busy with development for newer and really cool accessories. Check out the site!

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I want in too but there are only 3 buy-ins to date.....I will put in but I kinda want something soon. The 2000 will work on a 2002, right??
No thanks, I am waiting for someone to develop a heads up display for my helmet. Get rid of the gauges all together.

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If anyone knows of any indeglo guages for the 98 let me know i'm interested.
anyone know how the indiglo lights show up in bright sunlight? In san diego, it gets kinda bright...
San Diego was the first place that I saw the indiglo gauges on a GSX-R and they looked good. From what I remember they are white faced in the sunlight and they glow blue at night. The reason that I want them is because they look great in the light.

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bit of a old topic, but is anyone still going for these? I just picked up a '00 ZX-6R (red/black) 3 days ago...
I would if they built them...but I'm, not buying in early...
Gujustud, there are 6 buy-ins to-date for the standard gauges, and 1 buy-in for the reverse style gauges. I was the first to buy-in for the standard gauges. I must admit, I'm a little surprised that there are only 6 buy-ins to-date. [?] I thought that posting on ZX-6R.com would attract those that wanted something new and different for their machine, I guess not too many people are interested in this aftermarket part. For those that have bought-in, thank you. For those that haven't, what are you waiting for!?:D:D:D

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I am the one who bought in for the reverse. There was originally 7 for the reverse and now it has gone down to just me but I really want the reverse. Oh well

Hmmm.. lets all switch from the Regular glow to the Reverse Glow.. I think the reverse is pretty hot.. but at this point.. I'm going w/ whatever gets made first!

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