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Hello everybody,

I am doing all that to cover the topic that was really really difficult for me to tackle but here it goes.
I am going to post some more pics and make it a fotostory of a kind.
It's my first time doing that (ie. cutting and fotostorying) so please go easy on me.

I am doing that simply to help out either get the right directions or stay away from the mistakes I am making.

Now keep in mind it's done in episodes since I am away a lot of the time but I will finish the bike sooner or later and finish up this story.
Think of the first part as some sort of an encouragement reatment for all those who are still shying away from doing that (cutty cut cut the fairings).


To remove the fairing I used this well known tutorial: http://shanetp.110mb.com/Fairing Removal 09-10.pdf
That's a suprisingly easy job to do, great instructions :)

After all this my bike looked like that:

I decided to remove the grab rails and replace it with covers, it's still a ER-6F :)
Notice the slider mounting bracket installed to the frame (the bright metal piece in front of the frame).

After all the preparations the *fun* started and the "don't make my mistakes" part kicks in.
First off, I tried to put some sort of an object to find the center of the mounting hole. I put the fairings on without the slider mounts so that I have the free space and the frame doesn't get pulled on to any of the sides. It didn't work quite well and after the initial drilling hole it turned out I got it all wrong. The holes were far from the center.
i then tried doing some counter measures from the holes for mounting the fairings to the center of the slider mount and then cross checked it on the fairing itself (from the inside). It did give me more of a clearer view of where I should cut first.
Afterwards I put on the slider mounts (without pucks) and screwed the fairing back on (the top screw only and the front ones close to the gauges). I then decided to make markings with a sharpie from the inside of the fairing.
It looked like this:

It's the left side of the bike on the pics.
You can clearly see how the fairing is angled towards the mount and how it could affect the outcome of doing the circles with a sharpie so I decided to use a bent nail. It's a trick my grandad told me about - use simply get a nail and bend it in a 90 degree fashion, you then put the sharp end parallel to the slider mount and make a cool perfect circle around the fairing.

Then I went to do the cutting (by the way you can see how the pilot hole was off center on these pics - always measure twice!).

Turns out that on the 09+ it's a PITA. The fairings are bent, the holes for the pucks are non symmetrical and there is no good way to cut the holes.
In my case it looked like that: cut a hole, put the fairings, widen the hole, put the fairings and so on.
What you need to have in mind while cutting the hole is that once you make a hole that's big enough for the mount to go through you need to remember that you won't be able to cut a perfect circle even with the best intentions.
Keep in mind - you need to cut more in an oval, an oval going towards the top of the fairing - that way once you cut a hole for the mount to go through, you won't be having a gap in the bottom.

Once I have done the holes and got the mounts through I put the pucks on and made some measurements for the puck itself (+/- 4 mm of free space so it won't affects the fairing when you crash).

Unfortunately it was the end of the day for me (got dark and I was out of time).
Once I get to my bike (end of this week maybe?) and finish it off, I'm going to post more pics and complete this story.

I just want everybody to get better understanding of what you might get through once you decide to do that mod :)

Oh, and once you have the fairings off you can always do some other cool stuff but more on that later.

I just got a lot of cool advices from this forum and I would like to give something back to the community.


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Here's the second and last part of this tutorial.
It took a while - there was terrible weather here and I had to use a friend's garage to finish the work 'cause I was very impatient and couldn't wait longer.
Wish I hadn't done that - turns out you need a very good light to do this kind of work. But on that later.

Once you get through the fairing with the slider mount you should have something looking like this:

After all that you screw the fairing to the frame in crucial points.
It's VERY important, you must adjust the positioning of the fairing because it will be like that after all the work is done. You wouldn't want to end up with skewed holes just because you missed one screw too many.

Once you got that out of the way you take your pucks and press it onto the mount. Don't overdo it, it's a loose fit don't worry if the puck won't enter all the way, cause it won't.
Then use something sharp to mark loosely the circle that you would want to cut out in the end.
What you want to do is keep in mind that once you get the holes done you will use sandpaper or some similar abrasive material to finish it up the way you want it. Don't try to make it all at once.

You want to have something like this:

Use a dremel tool to cut the holes, centimeter after centimeter and keep putting the puck back on to make sure you are going in the right direction with it.
It is a PITA to put the fairings on and off but trust me, it's better to measure twice as much than to make a mistake once :)

You will want to cut in a shape of an oval as well, since the left fairing isn't as flat as one would want it to be. PITA again. Measuring, measuring...

This picture shows how much of an oval it is:

So it's pretty straightforward from now on.
Dremel tool, sandpaper, measure, dremel tool, sandpaper and so on.

With a little bit of patience (that's BS, a WHOLE LOT of patience) you should get something like this:

If you have any questions about the whole procedure don't hestitate to contact me.

Anyways, hope this helps anybody there, just wanted to, by doing this write up, thank you guys for all the help.
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