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Insurance in Ontario...

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What's the going rate on insurance for a 98'6R 26 y.o male, clean driving abstract... ?

Any insight appreciated.

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I have the same bike/same year but (I'm female)<img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle> I'd be curious to see what you will be paying.

Call Kingsway Insurance/Riders Plus they have pretty good rates.

(I'm in Ontario also)

I pay $480 / year (basic insurance) No theft, fire...
Best bet in Ontario is to insure your car(s) with State Farm and then add the bike. I got competitive car rates with State Farm, and my bike is $604 per year, full coverage, $300 deductible. Mind you, I'm 33, and have had my bike licence for 17 years and clean for the past 3 years or more.

My rates with Primmum (Canada Life) were going to be $1191 per year.

BTW... that rate is for a 2003 ZX636... don't know if that made any difference.

Good luck... piece of free advice with Primmum is to up your deductible to $1000 I've heard, then they give you better rates... shop around.
Insurance SUCKS here. Avoid Kingsway at all costs, they battle against you to not see your claims are NOT fufilled. State farm is the way to go, if you combine your car/home and bike. They are not accepting new policies until January 1st '03.

I bought my bike as a winter project. It was in a crash and written off. I've since fixed it up 100%; Kingsway won't give me fire/theft on it even though it's perfect again.
They won't even re-evaluate it. So , yeah Insurance Company's suck in Canada.
I can't go anywhere else because they are not accepting new clients.

Yeah, I'm with State Farm Ins. too. They're great for rates, but to benefit from it the most... you should insure the car and the bike together. I'm 22, I'm on my first bike - an '02 ZX6R, and I pay 190.00 per month - with a two year old speeding ticket.

You don't want to know what the car costs me... on a brighter note, the ticket should be wiped from my record by next July. So my rates will drop. Hopefully...


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State Farm all the way.

Everywhere (including Kingsway) wanted like 2800/yr (thats after the rider training course) for my 02 6R, Statefarm said 1200/year, and 800/yr for my TransAM, so they got my business.

The reason Statefarm is so much lower for us, is they do not base their rates on the model of the bike, only the cc's.

So a 600cc Ninja and a 600cc cruiser cost the same..

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