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Hey guys, potential new rider here! I'm considering picking up a Ninja 1000 or Z1000, but since test rides are generally not an option, I'm having trouble deciding which direction to go. Let me give a little bit of background:

I started riding about three years ago with a 2007 Yamaha YZF-R6. I liked that pretty well, but found a good deal on a 2008 Honda CBR1000RR; that was an incredibly powerful bike but for whatever reason I didn't much care for the feel of it, almost feel too smooth and had a feeling a little bit like a jet engine winding up all the time. In any case, as I'm 6'3" 215lb I got a little bit tired of feeling like my knees were up around my chest, and wanted to go for something more comfortable.

So... I ended up buying a 2012 Yamaha FZ6R. Honestly I like it pretty well, pretty comfortable for street riding, mostly comfortable enough to ride around for long rides, and felt very maneuverable. But... ultimately it didn't have quite enough power. Had kind of a buzz at highway speeds, and not quite enough pull on the highway nor with a passenger.

So I recently bought a 2010 Honda VFR1200F. Definitely a powerful bike, and decent enough handling. My big problem is that it feels like I'm riding a truck around or something. It's almost like there's too much power; power delivery is kind of uneven at low ranges, and it makes noise like it's about to take off into orbit after I get to around 4,000 RPM. Worse still, it feels like it starts to vibrate quite a bit around that fairly early range, which makes daily street riding kind of uncomfortable. It just seems like a bike that's designed for a different environment than I'm usually in.

Which leads to my question... is the Ninja 1000 a better bike for me? I'm not sure if I need quite as much power as the Ninja 1000 delivers, frankly I'd probably be happy with anything over about 100hp. But I do want something that's relatively smooth and contained and predictable below around 5,000rpm, which is where I usually have to do most of my riding around here in 35-45mph streets. And with a fairly comfortable upright position, because I'm not interested in ever doing supersport ergos ever again.

I'm also looking seriously at the FZ1 or FZ8. Or if I can't get rid of the VFR for a reasonable price, I might just try to fix that one, but I don't know. Everybody seems to like the Ninja 1000 a lot, and I've had pretty good experiences the very few times I've ridden Kawasakis.

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