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Hey all,

Got two items, brand new and in mint condition.

A Shoei RFR Helmet, size XL, with the billiard 8-ball design.

Ordered a large, but they sent an XL by mistake. Was too big, worn on street for one ride, then boxed. Mint conidtion, not a scratch on it. Paid $299.99 plus shipping new, will sell for $150 plus $15 for shipping which is the going rate this helmet sells for on eBay.

A Joe Rocket Atomic Jacket, Size XL, with Black/Red scheme and white stripe.

Girlfriend got it for me, thought a XL would fit me, well it doesn't. It's too big also. Wore jacket twice. Still in mint condition. We paid $150 for it, will sell for $100 bucks plus $10 bucks shipping. On eBay these sell for about $120.00 plus shipping.

OK, here's the pic of the jacket.

And the pic of the helmet

I have a 105 feedback rating on eBay and anyone that's interested can pay me by PayPal.


Helmet 150 plus 15 shipping
Jacket 100 plus 10 shipping

If you are in the USA and/or Canada and you buy both, I will get an estimate from the shipper over here and see if I can knock something off the shipping amount.

If no one here is interested, this stuff goes on eBay next week.

Any questions, ask.



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