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It's the best of both orgs! TrackXperience and Ti2TT are teaming up to do a joint track day at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch in Pahrump, NV. The response is overwhelming and the event is selling quickly!

Register at:
Home page

*$175.00/day <-- $160 early registration discount good until Sept 27
*3 Group, 20 minute Format
*Free New Track Rider Orientation school with purchase of Level 1/C group spot
*1 on 1 instruction available with our control riders
*Free Water for all of our Riders
*Bridgestone AND Pirelli Tire Services
*Catalyst Reaction Suspension Tuning
*Sidi boots to demo
*Rev'it suits for rent
*Free overnight camping
*Potluck Dinner on Saturday night! Bring a dish to share and join the riders and family for a great time! CheeseXperience will be offering gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Potluck starts generally around 7pm.

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Follow TrackXperience on Twitter and Instagram @TrackXperience
Join the Facebook event at:

4,819 Posts
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HUGE successes this weekend.

1. The 250:
Having a bike go from this:

to this:

by my own hands in the matter of weeks was phenomenal. (There are no pictures of me riding it, that was my buddy, Christian. Whomp whomp.) Yes, there were issues. Major ones, in fact. I did not expect to get it 100% right my first time, but I certainly tried my best. I am very grateful for my friends to help me out and get a few kinks ironed out, as well as provide direction for next steps. Having only the reference of the internet (this fantastic forum!), a user manual, a few phone calls and facebook conversations, and in-person advice from a few people, being able to build it ON MY OWN is a HUGE accomplishment. It's night and day different from the pre-gen 250. Holy ****. And I'm excited to make the improvements that it needs! I'm also stoked that the carbs got sorted enough to let Don take them as donor carbs for next weekend. It's really cool to help people out!

2. My 600.
On Saturday I beat my PB by 3 seconds to get a 1:50 lap time. I matched my previous PB (1:53) a few times and brought my average time down to 1:55's.

Saturday night I changed my suspension height. So on Sunday when I went out to play with Christian on the 250 and I had forgotten about the changes... until my bike didn't turn the way I expected to. Holy ****. I had to slow it down about 10 seconds (to about 2:05) and re-adjust to the front end. It feels a lot more "heavy" and "pops up" when I release the brakes, which is usually mid-turn. It really screwed up my turns 3 and 6. At the end of that session I roped in Mike's buddy, Jeff, on Mike's gixxer 1000. It know it was his first time on that bike the whole weekend, and he was probably just cruising and figuring it out, so I'm not gonna say outright that I am faster than him. (but in that session, I was totally faster than him ;-)

Determined to figure out my suspension, I put my head down and worked through it. I tried my best to sort out trail braking so that I was braking later but all the way to the apex. That **** is hard! 4 sessions later I was back down to 1:53's. It really screwed with me the first session. Ergonomically, once I'm on the bike, everything feels the same in the riding position, but my head is a lot higher, so I physically had to put my head even lower to feel comfortable.

Lots of work to still do, but overall I'm STOKED on the improvements.

3. Two Orgs
I think this joint event went bunches better than the last one. Both staffs were much more comfortable working with each other and everything went really smoothly. There were also improvements made in a few of the processes. It was so cool to see so many people working together and getting to know each other. I hope we do more of them in the future!
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