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Alrighty guys and gals, JB pro is now installed on 650r. All it has on it is a Jardine Slip on.

Before the JB, suppose I was going 30 mph in 3rd gear and pulled right back on the throttle; it would sound like it was bogging itself out until you got the RPM up. After, it feels like a CVT transmission in a car, it's THAT smooth.

Throttle response has changed tremendously and I can even tell a difference in how the exhaust sounds. It pulls harder and accelerates quicker as well too.

The guys at the shop that does my maintenance and all for me were all raving about how much easier and expandable the JB pro is compared to a power commander.

Heck, I still haven't flipped through all the maps they've made me yet!

All in all, I couldn't be happier and if you've thought about getting one before, hopefully this can be a deciding factor. You will NOT be disappointed and you WILL feel like it was money well spent in the end.
Hey buddy I'm desperately searching for 1 of these. I spoke to twobrothers an they said they don't do them for my bike (2016er6n) would you have a part number off yours so I can search over here.
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