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Hey y’all what’s up , my ninja 250 , 2012 was sold to me used and striped of fairings welp. Had brought home in a truck (not drivin) parked on a slab and begin to give it some attention!!!
Put clean gas in.... purchased a battery
Took out carbs ...cleaned needle an flaps ,, port holes and cleaned jets then
screwed jets down
Backed off of em 2 1/2 revolutions !!!
And put that sucker back in properlery
and checked the float bowls and thier getting gas ( thier was no gummie old gas In the float bowls)
Fixed the little pvc tank vent valve (little plastic part ;)

SssStill .starts revs then after our 5 seconds she dies off and won’t start unless luckily she catches
starter is trying to-turn the bike
And it Boggs!!!! Grumble bum bum grumble bum bum g boomboom!!!
Arg 🚬 doesn’t anyone have an idea 💡
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