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Hello! I'm James, a proud owner of a '95 ZZR600E3 (I think it is an E3?) with 26k on the clock.
My family has always been Kwakka mad, and growing up I was always on the back of my Dad's ZZR11 or my Mum's Eliminator. He also had an old KX250 in the classic green/purple, I have fond memories sitting on the tank going offroad through plumpton woods, looking at wildlife. So growing up I was always told if you want power, or bottom clenching fun; the green-machines were the way to go, the 'best bang for your buck'.

Now i'm 30, having owned several bikes including the legendary (fullpower) Vmax, that was quick, gixxers, SV1000 and an XJR13 - but never a kwak. My last bike was a Triumph TBird NS, it was very comfy, I then had two years off from riding. Shame I know!

So for the last two years I have been scraping and scrimping, not to the best degree but i'm hopeless with money - an old ZZR11 had been calling me, however after two years out, i'd have a bad time. So I bought the "little" one of the two, the 600. And christ almighty, she really does howl. Not to mention that little 4 banger wipes the floor in terms of sheer power even compared to my (sold) 1700 Triumph! It's a ridiculous machine and puts a smile on my face everytime I ride it.

My Dad (while he was around) was not wrong - they really are the best bang for your buck in terms of fun factor. My ZZR is not only fast, but is comfy like a sofa.

I now see the appeal, and I wish i'd never strayed. What an animal, the most "wow" i've felt in a motorcycle, the noise! Not to mention, carburettors are a beautiful thing.

All the best,
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