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Hey Guys
Just joined your group so I thought I'd send in a pic but dont know how. I'm in Melbourne Australia.

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Welcome Mario.. Just click on the FaQ on the upper right hand corner. It'll tell you how to insert images and smileys and stuff... Also you can just use the icons in the format box when you are posting a message
Do you have a pic hosted on another website or is it just on your hard drive??

2001 Yellow ZX6R
Just on my hard drive
This site will not allow you to post a pic directly from your hard drive. You first have to have it hosted on another website, then you can post it. Find one of those free picture hosting websites. I can't think of any right now but I'm sure you can do a search and find some.
Hi all,
I'm from OZ also, Mario posts to a OZ based Kawasaki site that I read. He posted the link to this site and I thought I should check it out. Looks good and the fact it is ZX6R based can only be a good thing.

I have a red 2000 ZX6R, bought it new in early 2000 and like it more each time I ride it!! Done about 23000km (14000 mile) on it to date. Only manage to use it about once a month, for either a track day or a weekend away scratching up in the mountains with a few mates (my wife reckons we only ride all day so as to justify staying away for the night in a pub, so we can drink and tell lies about how fast we are).

Only mods I've done are an aftermarket stainless steel exhaust can and a set of braided front brake lines - both worth the money. Oh and of course I junked the OEM Dunlops for a set of Mich' Pilots. Thinking of trying out a set of the new M1 Metzlers in the near future.

Have to get to bed early tonight so I can get up at 4.30AM in the morning and watch Bayliss demolish the opposition at Laguna Seca!!!!


PS. Love the Yellow/Black, Silver/Black colour schemes you guys can get. We only got the Red/Black, Green/Black in OZ for the 2000 model.
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If you guys need any help posting up pictures or hosting a picture...let me know.

You can email me the pictures at [email protected] or ftp it into a drop box. I'll take it from there and post it up.

The address is w/ anonymous login. If you have any questions just let me know.

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