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Hi, everyone,
I was given this site by some of our Kawa mates in Hong Kong,
I run a Pro Kawa 600 Super Sport race team under the banner of Arlen Ness/Kawasaki/BG in the Hong Kong,China region's championship, and
our bikes are fully prepped and supported by the Kawa Eckle GP team.
So far we'd done well taking the 1,2,3 places in the 1st round of the region's Championship.
Details of our team can be viewed at:


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Always gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside to see our boys in green owning the podium...

Might also be the 12 Corona's I've dipped into today, but great job anyway! :D

"Keep yer feet on the pegs and your right hand cranked."

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Thanks for all the nice comments.
We'll be at our 2nd race of the season this coming weekend, The official Yamaha team has been working like mad fixing the problems with their new R6, and we'll also see the new Ducati 749R in this race, so this weekend is going to be a tough one for everyone, I'll keep you all posted after the race, hopefully, we'll keep the Kawas on the Top podiums.

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We'd just wrap up our 2nd race of the championship last Sunday, the Kawas did great again, We stomp the competition in both of the 600 Super Sport and Open Class 2 (600-750) class.
This race we'd a new format of having 2 races in each class (same as the WSBK) details can be viewed at our site: www.bg-performance.com
(english version)

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Thanks guys,
The next race is at 5-6/7/03. we're finally getting some datas from the Eckle WSS team, hopefully we should be able to set the bike up better, but during last weekend's race, our bikes' engine management and suspensions are spot on in both dry and wet conditions.
We'd some report on some of the other Team's ZX6RR with spongy braking master cylinder, anyone has the same problem??

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Arlen Ness / Kawasaki / BG

CHINA ZIC Motorcycle Race Championship Round 4 6-7/9/03

Arlen Ness/Kawasaki/BG Rider Huang Shi Zhao Triumph again

ArlenNess/Kawa/BG rider Huang Shi Zhao continue his winning streak by taking the win at both of the ZIC Open Class 2 and a 1st runner up at the 600SS Class race 1 and a hard fought win at Race 2 at the 4th round of the ZIC China motorcycle race Championship on 6-7//9/03.

The race weekend¡¦s Climate was one of the worst ever with heavy down pours, overcast, sunny intervals that put a lot of stress over all the teams racing at this event..

AN/KAWA/BG team has got the full support from the official factory Kawasaki/Eckle WGP/WSS race team by sending their mechanical and engine development chief, Paul Maloney to come to Zhuhai and assist in the rebuilt and setting up of the teams 2 Kawasaki ZX6RR machines.
Testing was originally planned from Monday 1/9/03 till the race weekend, but due to the
Typhoon arriving 2/9/03 and the continuous downpour, testing was delay until the race weekend Friday afternoon.
With Paul¡¦s expertise and knowledge over the Kawasaki bikes, the 2 AN/Kawa/BG bikes were being set up to be more suited for the ZIC circuit.

AN/BG team has also invited the 2003 Australian Formula Extreme Privateer Champion,
Robert Bugden to China to do testing on the Kawasaki bikes, this is for the team to have
A better knowledge of different riders¡¦ input so as to have a better understanding with the bikes set ups for different riders.

With a wet Saturday qualifying, the 2 Kawa bikes with its mild tune for smoother power delivery has taken both 1,2 pole position at the Sunday Race.

On Sunday Race day.
Open Class 2
Race 1 of the open class was a wet race, and Huang took the win by a big margin and the same goes with a dry out Race 2 of the Open class.

600 Super sport Class
with the most competitive 600SS class :
Race 1 saw the other AN/Kawa/BG rider HE/bike no 12 took the lead into the 1st corner but Huang¡¦s has a slow start and was stuck in 5th having to battle through back up to the front.
This has let the Yamaha No:1 bike pull out a good 3-4 second lead until at lap 8 before Huang can come right up to the tail of the Yamaha bike, Huang pass the finish line within a second behind the Yamaha bike and took a hard fought 1st runner up.
HE had a low side at lap 6 while holding 3rd place but has to retire as the bike can¡¦t be started after he remount.

Race 2 saw 3 bikes dicing for the lead right from the 1st corner with Huang, the Yamaha Chow, and Zong Shen¡¦s Leung, Huang was holding back in 3rd right behind while the other 2 were having a furious battle, at Lap 3 saw the Yamaha bike entering the 1st hairpin a little too hot and low sided the bike nearly brought Huang down.
There was again another fierce battle between Huang and Zong Shen¡¦s rider for another 2 laps, then Huang took the lead and started to pull a comfortable distance coming home winning the race.
The AN/BG rider HE was in the 2nd group a slight distance behind the lead group changing leads with Cheung Wai On and Li Yau Cheong, but due to the injuries in the crash at Race 1,
HE has to slow to come home 6th.

Rider¡¦s Comments:
Huang: With the Kawa WGP/WSS chief Mechanic Paul here to re-built and re-tune the bike,
The Kawas now, although do not have significant power gain, but has a smoother
Power delivery and a better top end that can let us catch up to the more powerful
Yamahas, The Yamahas still has a better mid range power that gives them a
Slight advantages coming out from the tight corners, but with our guest rider Robert
From Australia¡¦s exchange of riding techniques, we have come to a better
Understanding of how to make use of the Kawa¡¦s better control and drivability instead of asking for More power, this has shown at the Race 2 of the 600SS, that putting the new skill into practice, the Kawa bikes will have a advantage at the braking and corners.

HE: Paul and Robert has definitely help tremendously on the bike set up and riding techniques, I¡¦ll need some more practice to put these theories into use and hopefully
We can put it to good use in the next race.
At Race 1 of the 600SS race, I¡¦d a good start and was coming up the lead Yamaha,
But at Lap 6, I come out of the hairpin trying to throttle earlier but with the rear tyre still in the damp patches, the rear slide out from me, I picked up the bike and tried to re-start to no avail so I have to retired, this has loss me some valuable points in the Championship.
At Race 2 of the 600SS, I was in some pain from my Race 1 crash, but I¡¦m still in a good 5th position, but after I passed Li Yau Cheong and Cheung Wai On coming up to 3rd place, the pain get quite bad so I have to back off holding 6th coming home.

Team Manager¡¦s comment:
It was a long week and a extremely tiring weekend. Paul from the Kawasaki World GP
Team was at Zhuhai re-building and setting up the bike, but with the Typhoon and
Continuous rain and the track booked by other events, we didn¡¦t get any testing time
Until late Friday afternoon, this has not allow Paul and our guest rider Robert time to
Further set up the bikes properly, but the Bikes are definitely smoother with a better
Top end, but with the limitation of the engine management, there is not much even Paul can do for the Mid ranges, but with Robert¡¦s testing, he¡¦d proved to our riders that riding with a different style, the Kawas are a better bike in different areas that makes it
Equally or more competitive then the other machines in the race.

We¡¦re currently preparing for the next Race on the 26-27/9/03, this is to be held together with the Asia/FIM round at ZIC, AN/Kawa/BG team will be entering into the
Asia/FIM rounds, as this is the highest level of racing in the Asia region with most of the Top Asian teams competing, so we can see how well the team can flare with the best there is in the region..


400 Production Class:
Our Loretta, missed the last round¡¦s win due to engine problem, has come to win again
At this round, Loretta on her RVF400, has proved to be the best women riders coming home 1st and taken the win.

Our other China Rider: Zu Rong Cai. In the 400 Production Class.
Zu has suffered engine problem over the qualifying that puts him 19th at the starting grid, but with his superior performance, although on a lesser machine, has catch right
Up to the front finally coming home as the 3rd runner up in class overall and 1st runner
Up in the China riders¡¦ Cup.
We¡¦ll be looking to get a new machine for Zu in the next race, as with better equipment,
We¡¦re sure Zu will be hard act for others to follow.

Open Class 2
AN/BG China Rider: Goon Yue
Goon Yue has again shine in the Open class, with his R6 bike, Koon has fended off most of the senior riders and come home in both Open Class 2 as 3rd runner up.
The team has high hope on Koon and will be working closely with our other riders
To further improve his performance.

Arlen Ness/Kawasaki/BG : [email protected]

www.arlennesswear.com www.bg-performance.com

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Arlen Ness/BG-Performance

China, Zhuhai Championship 5th Round 26-28/9/03.

Press Release

Arlen Ness-BG Rider Huang¡¦s Multiple Wins sealing up the Championship

The 5th round of the China, Zhuhai Championship was held together with the 3rd round of the Asia/FIM
China round, this has brought all the Top racing teams from S¡¦pore, Malaysia, China.

The festival was scheduled for 3 days from Friday to Sunday instead of the usual 2 days weekend,
And the spectators were being treated with some of the best racing ever seen in China.
The Asia/FIM Zhuhai round¡¦s both races was won by our Zhuhai regular Donald Cameron racing under the China/Macau Zong Zhen Asia/FIM Team.

Arlen Ness-BG Team¡¦s 2 riders and team manager has just returned from their testing at the Japan, Sugo
Circuit with the Yamaha factory racing Division testing their new 250GP bikes, and getting ready for the 12/Oct/03 MotoGP round that Arlen Ness-BG is entering with our 2 China riders.
With the frequent traveling and non-stop testing at Japan, the Riders were being put through a lot of
Physical stress, but everyone¡¦s spirits were v.high as our rider/team are still in a comfortable lead in the

The weekend weather was great with a lot of Sun and high temperature, but this also puts a lot of stress to all the bike¡¦s engine, The Kawasaki¡¦s were running at temp that goes up to 105, so this actually saps a lot of the much needed power from the machines, the only relief is that every other team were all suffering from similar problems.

The weekend starts with the Open Class Race 1, Huang took a good start and was leading the group until the Open class 1¡¦s No;2 bigger cc bike took the lead and came home winning the Open Class2 and 2nd in the combine class.
Race 2 of the Open Class saw Huang took a catapult start and was immediately pulling out a comfortable distance, Huang rode a brilliant race and won the combine class coming home 1st with over 6 second to spare.
With the 2 wins in the Open Class 2, Huang has more or less seals up the Year¡¦s Championship.

With the most important 600 SS class, this again saw some fierce battle among the 2 Arlen Ness-BG rider
Huang and HE, MLT Yamaha¡¦s Chow and Zong Zhen¡¦s Leung, at Race 1 of the 600SS class, both AN-BG riders took the 1st corner with Huang in the lead, and with HE in 2nd place, this has allow Huang to pull away From the fierce battle for 2nd place and winning the race with a comfortable margin.

Race 2 of the 600SS saw similar results with Huang took the pole start and again shows his superior riding style winning the race 2.

With Huang winning both of the 600SS races, this has allow Huang to pull a comfortable points lead of over 40 points against the Yamaha Chow and Zong Shen¡¦s Leung.

Riders¡¦ Comments:

Huang: The testing at Japan with the Top Pro rider from Japan has actually let us improve a lot on our
Riding skills, putting all these into practice during the race weekend has prove to be successful,
I have more confidence and is carry more speed going into corners, this has explained my record
Breaking time of the constant low 42¡¦s

HE: I was looking forward to some good racing this weekend, but during the Japan testing, I¡¦d
Sustain a pull muscle on my forarm, this has affected my riding a few laps into the race as the
Muscles starts to pulsate with some pain, this explained my fast lap times in the beginning
Of the race and slacked off after a few laps, but I¡¦m glad that I managed to dice with the others
And help Huang winning both of the 600SS races.

Team Manager¡¦s Comment:
For the past week, the riders have to travel to Japan, did 2 hard days of non-stop testing with the
250 GP bikes that they¡¦d never rode before, rush back to Zhuhai from Japan same day Thursday,
did the 2 day races at v. high temperature and still winning all the races that they¡¦d entered,
this has allow Huang to have a strong hold over the Open Class 2 and 600SS Championship
point lead going into the last 6th round in Nov without much pressure,, but we¡¦ll still be
trying our very best when the next meeting comes.
The most important agenda now is the 12/Oct/03 Moto GP round at Sepang, Malaysia
this meeting is the 1st time that China Motorcycle sports, Racing team and riders
entering the highest level of Motorcycle racing in the world stages, Arlen Ness-BG team has
secured the full support and sanction from the Official China¡¦s Motorsport Association ¡§CMSA¡¨
Yamaha Japan¡¦s Motorsport Racing Division and the World GP1 team ¡§Dantin Yamaha¡¨,
Arlen Ness-BG team especially would like to express our deepest appreciation to our parent
Company ¡§ Madif Industries¡¨ for providing the Team and rider this one of a life time opportunity
That most of the race team/riders in the world could ever dream of.

The team will be going to Malaysia trying our very best and hope we can be the 1st chapter of
China¡¦s entry into the World¡¦s highest level of Motorcycle racing sports in the future.

Arlen Ness-BG would like to thank the Team¡¦s sponsors, supporters and friends for all the support they¡¦d provided us and we can be contacted at: [email protected]
Arlen Ness/Kawasaki/BG ¨®¶¤¦b¥_·PÁ©Ҧ³¨®¶¤ÃÙ§U°Ó¤Î¨®¶¤¤ä«ù¦U¬É¨®¤Í, ¦p¦³¥ô¦óµû»y,Åwªï¨Ó¹q¶l¦Ü ¨®¶¤¶l½c : [email protected]

Åwªï¨Ó¨ìArlen Ness ¤Î BG-PerformanceÁɨ®¤¤¤ß ¤§¼¯¦«Áɨ®¥@¬É.
www.arlennesswear.com www.bg-performance.com
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