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China Zhuhai Motorbike Championship 6th (Final) Round
29-30 / 11/ 2003

Arlen Ness-Kawasaki-BG Team Ends the 2003 season with total domination of the Series

The Final Round of the China ZIC was held on the 29-30/11/03 Weekend, The weather has been beautiful although
Temperature drops to a year low of 11* in the morning to 16* in the afternoon.

The Arlen Ness/Kawa/BG Bike #10 goes into Championship as the Point leaders in both of the most important
600SS class and Open Class II leading by a comfortable margin, but the competition among the top teams are still very fierce as many still like to prove their dominance in the final race of the season.

In the Open Class II race 1 and 2, AN/Kawa/BG rider Huang Shi Zhou proves his superior skill and control by winning both races and taking the crown of the 2003 Class II Championship.

In the most important 600 Super Sport Race 1 , AN/Kawa/BG rider HE Zi Xian although 2nd in the grid, took a catapult start and winning race 1 within a second in front of his compatriot Huang Shi Zhou.
Huang, Although came 2nd, but has already secured enough points in total to take the crown of the 2003 Championship.

In the 600SS Race 2, HE has a great start again and was soon leaving everyone behind, his effort was only being foiled by a loosening Chain jumping out of the gearing sprockets at Lap 6 and this has deny HE the win and also being 2nd in the 2003 Championship.
Huang has to battle with another Kawasaki rider Cheung for the 1st 6 laps and once in the lead, Huang never look back, coming home winning race 2 by a big margin.

Madif/Arlen Ness President : Mr. Mauricio¡¦s comment:
For the whole year, the Team, Riders performs impeccably, everyone works hard for the Championship and the result
Is there for all to see, We¡¦re extremely happy that the Team took the Championship in both important classes the 1st year out. For 2004, we have much bigger plans for the team and riders, we hope that from 2004, China Motorsports will start a new era that the world will take notice.

Arlen Ness-BG Team Manager: Mr. Steven¡¦s comment
We come into the final round of the Championship being point leaders with big margins in both of the Open II and 600SS Classes, but both of our riders have again show their true colors by winning all the 4 races.
It has been a good year for the team and everyone that works very hard for this honors, the team and riders has done great by going to training in Japan for MotoGP and participate in the October MotoGP 250 round in Malaysia.
We¡¦re currently preparing and looking forward for the 2004 season as there will be a much bigger task for the Team and rider to Achieve.

The Team would like to thank everyone for their support in the 2003 season, it has been a great season for our sponsors and everyone involved, special thanks have to go to :
Madif/Arlen Ness
Kawasaki Eckle WGP Team
CMSA (China Motor Sports Administration)
ZIC Zhuhai International Circuit
Suomy Helmets
Silkolene Lubricants
Performance Friction Brake pads
Metzeler Tires
Harris Performance
Vistar Racing parts.

Arlen Ness/BG can be contacted at: [email protected]

Welcome to the Arlen Ness / BG-Performance¡¦s world of Motorcycle Racing.
www.arlennesswear.com www.bg-performance.com

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2003/2004 ZIC Motorcycle 3 Hrs Endurance Race 3-4/Jan/2004

Press Release

Arlen Ness/Kawasaki/BG Team takes the 1st big win in 2004

The first race in the China/Zhuhai ZIC is actually a delayed 2003 winter Endurance of 3 hours.

And in 2004, There will be a first time that the World Super Bike Endurance Series making their China Round in the Zhuahi ZIC circuit on 1/May/2004.
So these ZIC endurance races will be a great practice session for some of the China teams that would like to participate in this World Series.

Race Report :

The Arlen Ness/Kawasaki/BG Team entered the race with the 2 Kawasaki ZX6RR with our 2 China riders Huang Xi Zhao and HE Zi Xian with Huang taking the start.

The race started at 9.00 am in the morning with 25 teams and Huang took a catapult start and was leading the pack through the 1st hour into the race, then there were some fierce dicing with the 2nd team until both team change over and with AN/Kawa/BG Rider HE in great form over the whole weekend, HE soon pulled a comfortable lead of over a lap.

The rest of the race saw the AN/BG bike keeping up the pace till 45 minutes before the end of the race,When the Yamaha bike in desperate measure to catch up the time deficit, make a too daring move before turn 11 that saw the Yamaha bike missing the braking point and ran into the back of the AN/Kawa/BG bike with Huang on the saddle, this took both of the bikes into the gravel trap and although both rider managed to take the bikes back out to the track, but the AN/Kawa/BG bike was quite heavily damaged with Huang having to sat on the metal subframe and rode the bike back to the Pit, this has loss a lot of valuable time for the team but HE Zi Xian managed to take the 2nd bike out and soon was making up for the loss time.

Arlen Ness/Kawasaki/BG Team ends up winning both of the Open Class 1 beating all bigger cc bikes and also the overall Championship by coming home 1st after 3 hrs 1 min 37 sec and a 100 laps in front of the 2nd Team by over 1 lap.

The Team would like to thank everyone for their support in the 2003 season, it has been a great season for our sponsors and everyone involved, we¡¦re going in to the 2004 season with better resolves and dedication of again being the Top Team in the Greater China regon.

Arlen Ness/BG can be contacted at: [email protected]

Welcome to the Arlen Ness / BG-Performance¡¦s world of Motorcycle Racing.
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