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Hello, ive got a kawasaki kxf 250 from 2015, 2 months ago i got the bike, i rode it for 2 times.
when i tried to start it after it was sitting for 2 months it cutted out after 2-3 mins,
after i let it cool down for about 15 mins the bike startsup again and does the same thing, after this
i checked for fault codes but nothing appeared, then i got to take a look at the fuel pump, the fuel pump works fine but the
fuel filter was a little dirty so i ordered a new one and replaced it yesterday, the i tried to start the bike again and did
the exact same thing again, i dont know where to find it now, the fuel lines and fuel is good, when i chech for codes i get nothing
i hope someone can reply or someone who had the same problem and how he solved it...
regards, mika
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