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I am experiencing a few issues with my Kawasaki Z800, not quite sure if these are issues to begin with or if it is me that is just picky though.

So the problems are as follows:
- By expanding the front forks (From a stand still, lifting them upwards with back brake engaged), it creates a suction sound as if it has air trapped inside of the shocks.
- When changing my oil at 1000km before im going to drive 500km to take complete the service at an authorized workshop. The oil came out entirely black.
- At cold engine start, the engine seems to be "Ticking" as the valves on old cars sound when those engines are cold. This sound dissapears at around 50 degrees celsius
- At cold engine, releasing the clutch and engaging the gearbox at 1st gear it sounds as if a bearing is running without lubrication. This sound dissapears when the engine is warm

Am i the only one experiencing these "issues" or am i putting to much thought into the bike? :/ First time buying a brand new vehicle so have no experience with off the line sounds coming from engines etc.

Best regards
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