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This is the thread to get information on all of the products available with the KawiForums logo.

Please note that all products are being offered independently of KawiForums by members who have donated time and resources to put this together. None of these products, services, or anything relating to them from ordering, payment, manufacturing, and sorting through shipping are affiliated with KawiForums.com or Vertical Scope. KawiForums and Vertical Scope have no liabilities regarding to these products in any way. All orders, processing, payments, manufacturing and shipping are conducted outside of KawiForums by independent persons and unassociated companies. Also, please note that those members who volunteered their time and capital to orchestrate these products also have no liability for outside manufacturing and shipping concerns. If you have any problems or concerns with these products, you must deal directly with the members supplying the products, the manufacturer, or with the shipping service. Ordering any of these products implies that you have read, understand and agree to these terms.

For PayPal orders, send your payment to the address listed for each product with the product name(s), size(s), and color(s) if applicable, listed in your payment. If you have any delivery problems, contact Chris with DrippinWet at 570-239-1192 (cell phone, contact via text message M-F through 6PM EST, call after 6PM EST M-F and Weekends).

PRODUCT: KawiForums Motorcycle Decal, 2.5"
PRICE: $4 Shipped
SIZE: 2.5"
ORDERING: PayPal [email protected]

PRODUCT: KawiForums CF Text Decal, 6" or 3" (specify)
PRICE: $5 Shipped for 6" / $3.50 Shipped for 3"
SIZE: 6" or 3"
ORDERING: PayPal [email protected]

PRODUCT: KawiForums Die Cut Text Decal, 6" Pair (SPECIFY BLACK, WHITE, GREEN)
PRICE: $5.25 Shipped / Pair
SIZE: 6"
COLORS: Black, White, Green (NOTE: Green is the Kawi Green from the early '90's, and isn't a perfect match for the modern Kawi Green)
ORDERING: PayPal [email protected]

Questions about the clocks may be directed to [email protected] or KawiForum members may PM speeddeemn using Kawiforums Private Messaging. When ordering, please specify which color you would like. All orders will be sent via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping may take 2 to 3 weeks depending on stock, however, in most cases it will be much sooner.

PRODUCT: KawiForums Garage Clock
PRICE: $22.75 Shipped
SIZE: 9" Diameter
COLORS: Black Face or White Face
ORDERING: PayPal [email protected]

Patches and armbands are being sourced, and will be available shortly using some of the same designs listed above for the Decals. Check back for updates.

If you have any questions that you feel should be directed to KawiForums rather than the members supplying the products, send a PM to member 'skywalker'
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