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klx 140 L potential timing issues

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Hey guys Scott here, sorry to post this as the first post, but i have spent quite a while searching various threads on here and a couple other kawi forums with no luck.
So here goes,
got a 2017 140L for my son for Christmas. Very clean, seemingly good running bike. While riding today, he choked it down while on start off on a slight incline, then when tried to re-start, it sounded like the starter was free spinning. So we loaded it up and got it back to the house. After looking at the starter gear and limiter gear, it appeared fine. I pulled the side cover (magneto cover maybe?) and noticed the magneto bolt was very loose. I tightened it, but not knowing spec, i just tightened with a ratchet until I couldn't hold the magneto and it would spin over. Buttoned it all back up and it fired up and ran. It being cold out, it cut off even with the choke on, I tried to start it again and the magneto seemed to slip again, so i used a dewalt 1/4" impact driver to tighten the bolt, thinking it maxed out at about 100lbs of torque and should be ok, if I didn't stay on the bolt, just snug it up decently. After tightening the bolt, I put the covers back on and tried to start it. It now acts as if the timing is out, but the engine turns over easily and i am getting a spark at the plug. I would think that if timing was out it would be difficult to turn over. I pulled the cam chain cover and lined the cam gear up with TDC, but the magneto/rotor isn't lined up with "T" being in the 12:00 position. Could this be an issue? My question is, could the magneto slip in position, while the flex plate/flywheel stays in place without shearing the key? and does the magneto need to be lined up and the cam gear? I also checked the woodruff key and its good. I honestly cant figure out how it would have jumped timing with the timing chain being tight and the key not being sheared. Any insight or advise would be great.
thanks again Scott
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