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Short prelude: My 94' el. starter KLX was starting really well hot or cold for about an half a year after I bough it in well used condition. Than after some hard off-road use some starting problems appeared. I left my bike to mechanic who serviced it (New piston rings, new valves, cylinder polished). But, unfortunately, some starting problem remains.

Then I changed the original carb to Mikuni TM33 pumper one + fitted the original sport exhaust from the kxf. But I still have a specific way to start my bike: I have to open a throttle on about 1/4 while the starter spins to get it running. Sometimes it takes a second to start it hot or cold, sometimes, when even it is hot, I have to spin it for about a minute or more.

I tried to switched the carbs - no changes. New plugs & air filter installed. What else could be the problem?

Will be happy to hear any ideas! I already showed my bike to 2 mechanics (One of them was from the Kawasaki dealer's workshop) - but they have no ideas how to fix it).
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