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Hi Everyone, I want better throttle response and more power on my 2003 Klx 300. I have done a lot of research online and read many other forums on the subject, and would like to share my own research, and get some opinions on the carb swap as well.
I know of the three accelerator pumper carbs:
The 35mm Keihin FCR, 33mm Mikuni or the 36mm Mikuni.
I have seen a lot of mix reviews on all three of these carbs and over all consensus it seem the Keihin F.C.R is the best, but that come with the price. That being said both Mikuni pumper card are around 200 dollars cheaper. So I think I am going to chose between those to, just because I trying to save money.
The problem I am having is which Mikuni pumper carb should I get to put on my Klx 300. First ill start with the Mikuni 33-8012 accelerator pumper carb and tell you what I have read about them according to “penguin” the Mikuni 33mm is the best bang for your buck. At
(Pumper carb on KLX 300? | Motocross, Supercross & Off-Road Forums | DirtRider.Net)
Penguin says the 33mm is the way to go even though you have to do a little grinding on the frame and put a spacer under the fuel tank. He says that, The power still remains tractable at low speed, but when you grab a handful of throttle the bike comes on the pipe a lot faster. He also mentioned how the 36mm hurts low end response, saying it’s a little softer.
On another site another person said that If you generally ride tight trails, the 33mm is the carb you want. Though he also said that if you ride more open areas where you're in the mid to upper range, you'll want the 35 or 36mm pumper
.< http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/388750-thinking-about-a-pumper-carb-klx300/>. “So dose anyone have a info or knowledge on that 33mm carb or the riding style and what Mikuni carb to use for the Klx 300.”
Bare with me now on a different site < http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/388750-thinking-about-a-pumper-carb-klx300/> They say that the 33mm is perfect for a 250, but if you rode a Klx 300 you should run a 36mm pumper.
“So should I go with th3 36mm or the 33mm for my Klx300. I also heard that you could just Dyno jet and do a carb rebuild your my stock Keihinn C.V.K and it would do just as good of a job, but I think putting a pumper carb on you would be able to tell the difference. “Please let me know what you think on this matter”
One more think re jetting and changing jets and needles, from reading some people say to have a pro tune and change the jets and needles to cause it a somewhat hard task. I saw a video of a guy changing out his jets and needles and it didn’t seem to hard. Plus I am already good with my hand and do all the other work on my bike but never tampered with the needles and jets. So I guess my questions would be, “ Is re jetting and changing the needles and jet really that hard, or can it be done.

So once more I like anybody opinion on the carb swap dealing with the Mikuni 33mm vs. 36mm and what one would be better chose for my 2003 Klx300. Also comments about changing the jets and needles
Thank you, for your time and reading my post I hope I can find feedback from all you kawiheads/gearheads and anybody with information on the matter. I look forwarding to hearing your comments thanks again everyone
Thanks, Jotuna
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