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It is less that 1/4". I drilled and tapped mine to an M8x1.25 to install hand guards.
Acerbis 2634661089, Green, $75 on Amazon.
But, to make them work on my 2021 KLX300, I had to install the left on the right side and right on the left bar. The inboard clamps were under the cross bar and looped under the cables etc. I had to put a twist in inboard ends of the
guards using a wrench and a vice to make them seat properly with the inboard mounts. Then I swapped the plastics left to right, so the logo is right side up. Weather you drill/tap or cut the plugs out won't matter. This is not a one-hour proposition.....plan on 1/2 day + of fiddle/fitting.
In the end a pretty decent install but they do sit a bit low for good knuckle protection because the inboard mounts are limited in
rotating up by the cables etc. To get a bit more knuckle protection I put some twist into them by rotating the outboard end high and then tightening the end bolt.
You'll need to get M8 cap screws about 1" long if you decide to drill/tap as those in the kit are made for the inserts. You could use 5/16-18 screws just as easily.
Good luck.
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