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OK guys, here it is. I am organizing a group buy with gixxer.com, kawiforums.com and r6-forum.com for our High Quality HID kits.
Pricing is as follows everything is with shipping included:
2 Bulb HID kit (single beam) $100 per kit (Normal cost $125)
1 Bulb HID kit (single beam) $60 per kit (Normal cost $80)
2 Bulb Bi Xenon Kits (high and low beam) $165 per kit (Normal cost $200)
1 Bulb Bi Xenon Kit (high and low beam) $125 per kit (Normal cost $150)
*Any 2 bulb kit can recieve 2 different bulbs (great for bikes that use 2 different bulbs)
ANY Halogen bulb set (2 Bulbs) $15 (this is a special promo I will run for this site until June 10th, these will ship right away, just PM me to get set up)
The prices on the HID's may reduce further if we can hit a total of 40 or 50 kits (between the 3 sites). We will complete 1 Group Buy on June 10th and possibly set up another at that point depending on interest.
A little about these systems, These come with the Autovision Super Slim Ballasts (normally a $15 upgrade):

Although some of this is in the picture I will put it here as well:
- Silver Slim Ballasts
- Ballasts have 1/2" shell with a patented heat sink design and weigh 10oz each.
- Lifetime warranty on all of our products.
- None of these products will harm any of your electrical systems
- Completely Plug and Play
- Instructions included with all HID kits
- Quality Product!!! Yes, there are cheaper kits out there... in more ways than one :eek2:

Payments can be collected immediately, or anytime between now and June 1st. After June 1st I will be hounding the individuals that agreed to purchase if they havent paid yet. Any buy ins to the group buy need to be paid for right away between June 1st and June 10th.
I have set up a special payment page for this group buy so we dont need to mess around with invoices (but I still will if you would like one), simply visit this page:

Kryptonbulbs.com Group Buy

To complete payment and place your order.
If we do end up qualifying for better pricing anybody who has placed an order will recieve a partial refund after June 10th.
Here is a color chart for the HID kits, the only thing it doesnt show is the 4300K at the moment but we will be updating it shortly.
*Please Note, that the Bi Xenon Kits are not available in 3000K or 30000K (not very popular anyhow)
Please also post in this thread if you want to sign up for the group buy.
I hope I have covered everything but I am sure I have missed something :) so if there are any questions please post here or PM me.
KryptonBulbs.com Blue Headlights lights and Foglights
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