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Hey ladies, I've been trying to find a comfortable pair of pants for months and I've about had it. What do you wear?? Here's what I currently have:

Icon Ladies Jeans - totally uncomfortable, HELLO I have hips!!
Firstgear Overpants - good fit but too hot for Florida summers
Joe Rocket textile pants (older model) - kinda baggy and again too hot
Lewis textile pants - non-removable waterproof (windproof also) liner is mega hot
River Road Mesh pants - waist fits fine as long as I want to wear them just below my bra

I really appreciate any input!

i have the joe rocket cleo pants - they're a good fit, though snug enough at the knee that I can't get them on with my knee brace on unless my husband helps me.... otherwise, I love them, and they have been crash-tested and held up great!
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