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ok so...i've done the search and read/ researched through heaps of posts and came up with some ideas and am committing to doing this mod after putting it off for ages.

i'm going to install CCFL eyes and park lights as well from the few awesome how-to threads floating around. (thanks to the authors for writing them up)

now, the question i wanted to ask was

i'm wiring them both up to separate switches so the headlamps will both be on all the time and i can choose to have either the park or CCFL lights on or off, independant of each other. Is it ok if I wire it all off the headlamp harness but splice them into separate circuits with their own switches like i described above?

and for those with CCFL or park lights installed, whats the load like on the battery? will it affect the life of the battery by much if i had both type of lights on for daily.....or nightly...rides.

i'm an electrical noob. thanks.
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