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Loosing coolant

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God forbid, but you could be burning it too!

However, I'd bet what you have is a plugged res. Mine was plugged at the lower hose.

Besides, you live in Canada....what do you need "coolant" for?

Dan...comfortable enough with his manhood to ride a 600.
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I think I'm loosing collant somewhere, but not sure where...
I notice my resovoir is below the "lower" line, and know it was right in the middle a week or two ago.
There have not been any puddles under the bike, and it seems to be running OK.

Any ideas on what it could be? If it's only coming out while under pressure, that might explain why I don't see puddles under the bike, maybe its only leaking out when the engine is hot, IE while Im riding??

I'll check all my hoses and such tommorow..

-=Welcome To Canada=-

2002 Green 6R
1986 Gixxer 7/11
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