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I thought I had my bike i just bought running pretty good. I cleaned the carbs and tank, made sure everything was all good, and been riding it fairly easy. My only 600ish bike was an 82 gs 650e , that was 25 years ago. By My last bike was a 98 car 1100 blackbird. So, I wasn't sure how a 600 was supposed to feel

So ...today I hit the throttle and it felt like it had felt since I got it. That is until I hit 7000rpms. It started to make a way different sound, like everything was in sync and it shot off like a two stroke power band.

I know I need take the plugs out and see how they look. Check coil, etc. Just want to know what other possible causes could it be.

Un sync carbs?
Fuel pump?
Air leak?
Blockage air filter.?

Any suggestion appreciated
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